When I was seven, a school psychologist asked me to tell a story about a picture. I couldn't think of a way to make it about penguins, so I spun a sci-fi tale before I understood that sci-fi was a thing. The psychologist promptly declared that my brain was messed up in ways too bizarre to label (though she probably used more professional terms), and my elementary school declared that I could not learn. I've had a lot of stories rejected since then, but none quite as spectacularly as that first one. I have also had stories accepted.

I earned a bachelor's degree partly out of spite, majoring in creative writing when an impromptu move to Nebraska gave me the chance to study something with all the fun of sociology and none of the math. About halfway through my BFA program, I discovered that I like editing as well as writing, and I've made my way in the world with a red pen* since 2008. In addition to being an editor-for-hire, I have served as Apex Publications' senior editor, and my stories have appeared in Not Our Kind: Tales of Not Belonging and Weirdbook 31.

*Figuratively speaking...on the rare instances that I edit in hard copy, I prefer purple to red.