Janet Harriett is a writer and editor, random crafter, and lover of all things penguin. She had some crazy times as the senior editor of Apex Publications.

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"What Goes Up Must Come Down" (in You, Human, published by Dark Regions Press; forthcoming) — She engineered a way to have a future despite her malfunctioning body. Then she lived long enough to see it.

"Zucchini Season" (in Weirdbook 31; available at Wildside Press, Amazon, and B&N) — Most dying wishes are outside of Death's control. Most.

"The Repostory of All Our Potential" (in Not Our Kind: Tales of (Not) Belonging, published by Alliteration Ink; available at Alliteration Ink, Amazon, and B&N) — Interstellar space is vast and empty and boring; accidents happen. The crew of Ambassador named theirs Gaia, after a planet that she is tired of pretending is her home.

"Dawn of the Living Machines" (in Ravenwood: Stepson of Mystery, Volume 2, published by Airship 27; out of print) - Was the robot stolen, or did it run away? A sci-fi-tinged mystery in the old pulp style, featuring Ravenwood.


Rebuttal contributor to For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher by Jason Sizemore, published by Apex Book Company. Available at Amazon, B&N, and Apex Book Company.