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The Macrame Project

Deciding that "Get a hobby" was not specific enough, I adopted the expression "take up macrame." Then I figured why not? — just because I'd never seen it done and had no knowledge of what macrame even was beyond a vague notion of owls and plant hangers, that's no reason not to teach myself a new craft. So I'm learning macrame, and blogging the experience.

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Macrame Supplies

I may have miscalculated in starting The Macrame Project before payday. Crafts = craft supplies.  I’ll make a run to the craft store for proper supplies when funds are available, but for the first bit of getting down basics, I’ll make do with what I have on hand. It’ll be a bit before I get fancy with needing to hold cords at angles or make sure spacing between rows of knots is even. It looks like for starters, I just need:

  1. Something to tie in knots
  2. Something to hold (1) to while I tie the knots
  3. A method of affixing (1) to (2)

As for 1, I crochet, so string, I got. Yarn really. But I have lots of kinds of yarn. My first lesson has been that the fuzzy chenille blanket yarn is a horrible medium for learning macrame knots. It is way too fluffy. After some trial and error, I settled on some leftover chunky yarn from the year I made scarves for everyone. It seems to be easy enough to tie and see what I’m doing.

On to 2. The thing to use seems to be purpose-made macrame boards. Or failing that, a clipboard. I probably have one of those in my future (smart money is on "clipboard"), but for the time being, a throw pillow works.

Now for 3. T-pins appear to be the affixing method of choice, but the only T-pin in my life is holding up my calendar in my dayjob cubicle. I have safety pins. Safety pins are always a good choice. On to adventure!

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