Janet Harriett is a writer and editor, random crafter, and lover of all things penguin. She had some crazy times as the senior editor of Apex Publications.

The Macrame Project

Deciding that "Get a hobby" was not specific enough, I adopted the expression "take up macrame." Then I figured why not? — just because I'd never seen it done and had no knowledge of what macrame even was beyond a vague notion of owls and plant hangers, that's no reason not to teach myself a new craft. So I'm learning macrame, and blogging the experience.

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Introducing the Macrame Project

The Macrame Project started as a joke. At my dayjob, I frequently encounter people who can be very persistent about following up, even after I have already laid out a timeframe for the solution to their problem. Some people just will not accept that, if something takes 5 days, getting on my case every day does not make that process happen faster. As an alternative to "They need to get a hobby," I started saying that they need to take up macrame. Same idea, but "macrame" is fun to say. Plus, it's a thing that people (at least people alive in the 70s) tend to know exists, but few people know anyone who actually does it. Or even what exactly it is (we'll be getting to that in a future entry).

Then I figured, Why not take up macrame myself?  Macrame doesn't seem to have enjoyed the resurgence of popularity that crochet and knitting have had in recent years. Be the change you want to see in the crafting world and all. It could be fun to learn something new, not that I don't already have a lot on my plate. So, I am going to teach myself macrame, and blog the journey.

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