Janet Harriett is a writer and editor, random crafter, and lover of all things penguin. She had some crazy times as the senior editor of Apex Publications.

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I am not currently taking new projects. If you are interested in engaging the services of a freelance editor of science fiction and horror, I recommend Jason Sizemore.


Developmental Editing (Heavy Line Editing)

Developmental editing looks at story structure, pacing, characterization, POV, and worldbuilding, as well as the big picture of the language and voice. Is your world and your story internally consistent? Do the characters' actions make sense? Where does the work drag or feel rushed? Do you need to spackle in some plot holes? I may mark sentence-level errors as I see them, but this is not a thorough copy edit.

How It Works: You send me the manuscript electronically. I return a change-tracked Word document with margin comments explaining each suggested change and other feedback, as well as an editorial letter and style sheet.


Copy Editing (Light Line Editing)

Copy editing is a sentence-by-sentence look at the prose to ensure that syntax, usage, punctuation, spelling, and formatting is consistent and correct. If there are deviations from standard English grammar and syntax, I ensure that they are intentional choices, and I check for gross continuity errors (e.g. character name changes).

How It Works: You send me the manuscript electronically. I return a change-tracked Word document and style sheet.


I verify page headers/footers, chapter numbers, and pagination, and check for layout and typographical errors. 

How It Works: You send a pdf or hard copy of the final layout. I return a list of issues by page and line number.

Cover/Marketing Copy

Captivating cover copy can snag readers and reviewers. This package includes cover copy as well as long and short product descriptions for vendors.

Digital Conversion

I will create your epub and mobi file suitable for digital publishing, whether you are looking to digitally self-publish a new work or are an established author releasing your reverted backlist.

For hand-built ebooks, I recommend Tobias S. Buckell.



I do not currently do critiques outside of editorial services. I suggest contacting: