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Adventures in Booth Babery: ForgeCon Report

Back there where I said a corset isn't the sort of thing you can just go to the grocery store in? Whether or not that's true, as it turns out, a corset is just fine for breakfast at McDonalds. I would not have guessed that it's the sort of garment that one can order blueberry banana nut oatmeal in and have the only comment be about one's choice of coordinating footwear. Shows what I know.

On the subject of footwear, I noticed an odd trend during ForgeCon: I had much better luck engaging visitors to the Apex booth when I left my shoes under the table. One person suggested that it might stem from how Kentuckians prefer their women. Can't say I know enough Kentuckians to assess whether that's correct or not, and I think he may have been joking. Personally, I suspect it has something to do with my general preference for going barefoot, so when I'm barefoot, I'm more comfortable and I have one less thing to distract my attention from the attendees.

The day in the corset was a blast, though I'm not sure how much it really did much to spur business. I sold some books, introduced a lot of people to Apex, and got some ideas about what to do and what to avoid while minioning the table for the rest of the summer. I actually made it through all 10 hours the vendor hall was open without resorting to my backup outfit. On Sunday, I even got compliments from another vendor who chose Sunday as her Corset Day because of the shorter hours.

My initial misgivings proved unfounded, in part because the ladies from the burlesque booth made my outfit look positively modest. Next to their skirts that could be best described as a ruffled trim on their corsets, I wasn't even in the top 5 on skimpiness. On the one hand, that made me feel a little better that I wasn't underdressed. On the other hand, it did strike me as just a little unfair when the gamers at the next table brought one in as a ringer. Whatever one's feelings about booth babes are, at least Apex's booth babes are honest Apex fangirls first.

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Ah, a day or two at the booth. Glad it went well.

May 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTerry

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